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Makkiyoon is a national company with community responsibility

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As a national company with social responsibility and pioneering experiences in building competencies, and always striving for the advancement of society and leadership
And creativity in it and live the life of this country and flourish in its soil,
McKion has borne a sublime mission in addition to leadership and creativity in urban development for all generations, which is concern for people, as it believes that the advancement of people and the surrounding environment is the focus of its projects.
Therefore, it has taken upon itself to adopt scientific support, practical training, support for competencies and support community leaders to work on developing the place and building people,
Effective Productive Leadership: –
Where the company organized effective productive leadership courses in cooperation with the global company LMI to support government innovation, with the aim of increasing productivity and making good use of their energies and experiences in community service.
Students of the University of Niagara in Mackeon: –
The company received students of the University of Niagara and trained them in the company’s departments and divisions on various scientific and practical programs,
Taking care of young leaders: –
McKeon also sponsored a lengthy training program from YLC for a number of young leaders at Umm Al-Qura University, and this training program represented several aspects, including social, health and development, and represented a scientific and practical addition to these trainees, hoping that they would be among the most successful community leaders in the near future.
These were practical scientific initiatives based on the belief of McKeon and its president, Dr. Magdi Hariri, in the importance of human beings, especially youth, and that they are the most important aspect in the equation of success for any nation,
McKeon always takes into account that societal development is more influential than individual work because it is based on cooperation and seeks to achieve general social and national goals. It always seeks to optimize the investment of human cadres and qualify them in the right and distinguished way to serve this country with the utmost energy and the best minds.

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