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“Makkiyoon” is a renowned real estate urban developer based in the holy city of Makkah. Spanning over 20 years of experience in creating unique residential and hotel projects for the holy city visitors, and for Saudi Arabia in general.

Chairman Message

To those who share our aspirations, and desire to improve the quality of life … We present the story of “Makkiyoon” through a twenty years journey of ambitions and challenges.

We present some of all our experience, vision, and our values. It provides an up-close view of our projects through meticulous efforts and endeavors that “Makkiyoon” has undertaken to enrich the urban development in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Majdi Mohammad Hariri


“Creating sustainable urban developments inspired by the leading global examples embodied through Islamic architectural principals”

The identity of “Makkiyoon” as a specialized urban developer is reflected in its vision through

  • Pioneering
    We seek the global leadership, stemming from Makkah
  • Creativity
    We have adopted the finest techniques and global practices, yet keeping the Islamic architectural style prominent in our projects.
  • Value Humanity
    We believe in the elevation of mankind and developing his environment


“Leadership and ingenuity in urban development for the generations”

Our mission is founded on these principles:

Adopting the concept of sustainability

Building the leading modern examples of Islamic architecture

. Incorporating Quality, excellence, and creativity, with valuing green

Keeping high standards for quality of life, and the privacy of the Muslim as an individual or in community

Our Vales

We aim to be the leaders in everything we do; An Inventive Work ethic, allows us to interpret a residential experience and real estate investment into a unique project that not only reflects the desired lifestyle but also elevates our clients’ experience. We are ethical and professional.


Principals: Allah favorites those most helpful to other
Origin: To all we deal with

Team Spirit

Principals: Allah blesses the group
Origin: In our practice


Principals: Allah has Commanded us to be initiatives
Origin: In all our projects


Principals: Allah has commanded excellence out of all
Origin: In our work


Principals: Islamic ethical conduct
Origin: In all our Interactions


Corporate Business Manager
محمد حريري
Finance & Investment Advisor
عبد الله باوشخة
Executive Manager
Administration Manager
IT Director
Accounting Manager
Customer Accounts Manager
Public Relations Manager
Customer Services Manager

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